Dear Kiwi Outreach.

Having all my school gears and tech ready for me weeks before I started school is a whole different feeling to worrying if mum will be able to buy my things on time, which she always did.

Hi my name is Jokarn and id like to share a little story about myself and school.

Middle School, wow!! what can I say I struggled a lot through middle school, im a very shy reserved kid so when I didn’t know something I was too afraid to ask and would wait till mum finished work to ask her, which she tried to help me but most times always referred me to google on her phone because she didn’t know as well.

Mum would always tell me not to be shy to ask at school and that no question is a dumb question, but I could never do it.

I would often ( if not always ) put a test aside and not even try to do it because I had already doubted myself and again was to shy to speak up so Middle School became all about just seeing my friends and not caring about school work.

The end of Middle School came and already I was freaking and panicking about high school, bigger school bigger kids bigger studies bigger everything just did my head in through the holidays.

Until I started seeing things getting dropped off to me, my full school uniform was couriered to me my books were sorted and given to me and also a brand new laptop was given to me, things I needed to start this new big scary school was here ready for me way before I started school, instead of during the week that I’ve already been at school. To have EVERYTHING at once ready to go was so awesome.

My 1st day of Cambridge High School, I remember the feeling so clear, put my brand new uniform on, laptop in its bag, lunch and shoes on and stood up ready to go, although I was nervous starting a new school I was also sharp and ready, I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t shy, my confidence had boosted up like I was a new kid in fact those were my mum’s words that day before she kissed me crying telling me how proud of me she is. ( to be honest mum looked more nervous and scared than I was )

That feeling of walking into to a new school fully prepared is indescribable .

Since being at CHS I’ve had multiple tests which I’ve given every question a go, didn’t get a lot of them right but I still put an answer in and tried every question left no blanks even when I know I’m wrong.

High school is definitely harder I’m still finding it hard handing assessments in on time and understanding some things but ive gained confidence to ask and also have a way cool laptop to do research, homework and save assessments on instead of using mum’s phone.

Mum also has said I’ve made a big change in bringing my tests home with all the questions answered and even though I didn’t get heaps right she didn’t care all she saw was that I actually gave it a go and gave me a massive hug.

So much has changed for me this year regarding school I am still struggling but I’m OKto talk about it now.

Mum and I both know the help from Kiwi Outreach has made a massive impact on my changes im so grateful and appreciative of Kiwi Outreach and the help they have given to me and also other students like me.

Because of the Kiwi outreach I started a new school as a new growing in confidence boy.

I Thank you so much Kiwi outreach I cant find the words to describe how thankful I am for your help means so much to me.


Big hugs from me Jokarn to you all..