Kiwis Helping Kiwis

From time to time people and families go through tough times. Often not as a direct result of their actions but maybe through separation, loosing a business, not being able to work for medical reasons, or simply finding it hard to make ends meat. 

There are already community groups and charities that are doing a great job. Kiwi Outreach is slightly different: we want to provide struggling families and individuals with basic necessities they can’t afford or out off buying: like new school uniforms, sheets & bedding and essential electrical appliances. Beds especially for children that are sleeping on the floor. We want to assist people with broken down washing machines and fridges so clothes can be washed and food kept fresh. These are all basic needs.

We work solely on donations from individuals, families and business with a pledge that 100% of any donation towards helping and gifting to others and stays 100% in Cambridge.

Our Boards members are all volunteers and receive no remuneration for their time.

How Can We Help?

Household items

Washing machine, clothes driers, fridge, beds, Manchester. We only buy brand new. We believe in a hand-up not a hand-out

Vehicle Repairs

We will consider vehicle repairs mainly for WOF purposes case by case basis. This is for safety related issues.

School Child Sponsorship

We spnonsor Cambridge Highschool students through their entire schooling years. Books, laptops, uniforms, trips, sporting

Medical Expenses

Especially with the elderly medical bills can get on top of you very quickly. We can help you out.

Kiwi Outreach purchased a much-needed laptop for Jacob (right) to use during his schooling at Cambridge High School. Left: Kiwi Outreach founder and chairperson Paul Scoble.

Kiwi Outreach helps with high school

Cambridge charity Kiwi Outreach is extending their help to local families in need by supporting students with their education expenses at Cambridge High School.

The organisation – which helps struggling Cambridge families with “the basics”, such as whiteware, vacuum cleaners and other small items, as well as helping to arrange gifts for children during Christmas – has set up their Child Sponsorship programme to help local students right through their secondary schooling. It covers costs such as school uniforms, PE uniforms and equipment, a laptop, trips and other educational needs, right through every year at high school.

“We all know how expensive schooling can be, we know it and the lovely people who support us know it,” said Paul Scoble, founder and chairperson of the organisation. “But we go further than that. We work within the family through those years too, offering support and friendship.”

Presently the organisation supports four students but is in the position to sponsor two more beginning 2018.

Jacob, a local student starting Cambridge High School next year, was recently selected as a recipient of the Child Sponsorship programme.

His mum Erica said they were “absolutely forever grateful” for the support, and Jacob looks forward to beginning his studies at Cambridge High. Currently he’s supported by Kiwi Outreach to attend guitar lessons at Cambridge Middle School.

Paul Scoble said families hoping to receive educational support for their child attending Cambridge High School can get in touch with Kiwi Outreach to make an application.

“As long as they meet the criteria, as long as it’s genuine, we’re there,” said Paul.

Thanks to the generous support of the local community, Kiwi Outreach has a track record of charitable success, so far never having to turn a person down due to a lack of funds.

Paul said he wanted to thank all the local individuals, families and businesses who have donated money on a regular basis and wishes them all a safe and joyous Christmas.

Cambridge News: 13 DEC 2017 • BY SOPHIE IREMONGER