Kiwi Outreach

Kiwi Outreach wants to help struggling families and individuals with basic necessities. Often in life things simply go wrong, loss of job, marriage split, having to move house, business fails. And it is through those times we can help. It is about Kiwis Helping Kiwis.

Number of sponsored school children in Cambridge schools

Supporting people in Cambridge

Kiwi Outreach wants to help struggling families and individuals with basic necessities they can’t afford: like new school uniforms, sheets & bedding and essential electrical appliances. New beds especially for children that are sleeping on the floor. 

We want to assist people with broken down washing machines and fridges so clothes can be washed and food kept fresh.

Through the generous support of local benefactors we are able to support local families and students through the schooling years through our Student Sponsor Program. We supply full uniforms, PE & sporting uniform and equipment, laptop, trips and other educational needs. We all know how expensive schooling can be, we know it and the lovely people who support us know it. But, we go further than that. We work within the family through the years too, offer support and friendship. Our partner agency at Cambridge House supports with budgeting as this is a requirement to receive funding from us for full student sponsoring.

So, it isn’t about a handout, it’s a HAND-UP.

What We Can Help With

Household Items

Small electrical goods | Fridges | Washing machines | Clothes Dryers | Beds and Manchester

Doctor Visits

We know when there is limited money people stop going to the Doctor. We can help with those Doctor fees

Vehicle Repairs

We can provide funding for emergency safety WOF repairs: case-by-case

Child Sponsorship

Uniforms, books, laptops, sporting equipment, extra tuition & more. Right through the high school years

A word on donations

Kiwi Outreach has a very good vetting process in place, as we know you want to ensure your money is getting to the right people. We interview every applicant, we look at their budget, some get budgeting services. 100% of all monies to Kiwi Outreach goes to the people we help. The board members are volunteers. We have people donating specific funds solely for our minimal administration costs. We have support from a local lawyer and accountant who also provide their services for free. We have partners where we buy the new fridges and washing machines like Noel Leeming Cambridge who give us a substantial discount. 

Our commitment: 100% of monies received stays in Cambridge.

Hover here for our bank account details for direct donations or auto-payments

Our ASB Cambridge bank account number

General donation account: 12-3268-0065618-00
Student sponsorship account: 12-3268-0065618-02

Our Process

Hardship Application
If you are needing general one-off help like needing a new fridge, washing machine, bed, assistance with important other bills, WOF vehicle repairs, fill in the hardship application. The board will assess your application to see it fits our criteria. If it does, then we will contact you for a one-on-one get together. If approved, we try and have your needs meet with a couple of days.
School Student Sponsorship
This is a long term relationship for us. We walk along the student through his/her entire high school life. Everything from laptop, uniform, PE gear, school trip, everything except school donations. The high school bill us direct, we pay them direct. You should make your application through Cambridge Community House, 193 Shakespeare St, Leamington as it will require a full budget interview with a budgeting consultant.


None of our board members receive remuneration and volunteer their time for Kiwi Outreach.

Nicki Scoble


Nicki has a real heart to serve families. She is our key link between our organisation and the family.


Position Vacant


Jacqui Norton


Jacqui has had many years in the banking industry and now is extending this financial knowledge to help others


Where to go for help

Cambridge Baptist Church
56 Queen Street, Cambridge
Cambridge Community House
193 Shakespeare St, Leamington

Companies that support Kiwi Outreach

Please support them in return, thank you

Noel Leeming

Provides a welcomed discount for all electrical and household items

Wholly Cow

Supporting us with meat for our annual Christmas food packs

GW Scott Accountants

Completes all our accounting for free

Cooney Law

Checks our legal status and documentation as a charity - for free

Donation Builder

Carrick's support us with a monthly donation
Contact Us

For any inquiries please email