Welcome to Kiwi Outreach

Kiwi Outreach wants to help struggling families and individuals with basic necessities they can’t afford or put off buying: like new school uniforms, sheets & bedding and essential electrical appliances. New beds especially for children that are sleeping on the floor. We want to assist people with broken down washing machines and fridges so clothes can be washed and food kept fresh.

Our logo shows that many hands with different talents coming together to help Kiwis

Through the generous support of local benefactors we are able to support local families and students through the schooling year. We supply full uniforms, PE & sporting uniform and equipment, laptop for their years in school, trips and other educational needs. We all know how expensive schooling can be, we know it and the lovely people who support us know it. But, we go further than that. We work within the family through the years too, offer support and friendship. Our partner agency at Cambridge House supports with budgeting as this is a requirement to receive funding from us. So, it isn’t about a handout, it is certainly a HAND-UP.

What We Can Help With

Household Items

Small electrical goods | Fridges | Washing machines | Clothes Dryers | Beds and Manchester

Doctor Visits

We know when there is limited money people stop going to the Doctor. We can help with those Doctor fees

Vehicle Repairs

We can provide funding for emergency safety WOF repairs: case-by-case

Child Sponsorship

Uniforms, books, laptops, sporting equipment, extra tuition & more. Right through the high school years

Our team

Our team are all volunteers and receive no fees for the work they do

Nicki Scoble


Paul, Nicki’s husband started Kiwi Outreach when he was a Police Officer, having seen some of the conditions people live and understanding it wasn’t always their fault, and he wanted to make a small difference. He is concentrating on a business venture so Nicki has taken over as Chairperson for a 3-year term. Nicki has a real heart to serve families. Nicki is our key link between our organisation and the family.

Jonathan Ruthven


As well as a Pastor, Jonathan is a practicing Lawyer advocating for children in the Family Courts. He has a real heart for children.

John Langhorn


John is a great Treasurer. With many years in the finance industry in New Zealand & abroad he makes sure every thing is done right.

Where to go for help

56 Queen Street, Cambridge
Cambridge Baptist Church
193 Shakespeare St, Leamington
Cambridge Community House
24 Raleigh St, Leamington
Raleigh Street Church

The Process

Click to the button below to download the application for a hardship grant e.g. wanting a fridge, bed that type of thing. Use the Child Sponsorship for us to sponsor your child through schooling.

Part of our process we do require you to go to a budgeting service, and we recommend our partner, Cambridge Community House. Once we get this with your application we will arrange a time to meet with you and discuss your needs.

From there your application is put forward at our monthly board meeting where we will advise you of the outcome.
Once the form is completed please email it to us at admin@kiwioutreach.org.nz

Please Support Us

Kiwi Outreach works solely on donations from people in Cambridge, for people in Cambridge. We have a checking process to ensure money donated goes to the right people. AND, as a registered charity you can claim your donations back in taxes. 100% of donations stay in Cambridge.


For any inquiries please email

Good News!
It's Fixed!

Sorry fo the delay but the Hardship & Child Sponsorship Application downloads on this page is now working.


Blessings, Paul